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1. What are your weekend services like?

We believe you’ll find Burson Church to be an incredibly welcoming, loving & creative environment. Each week is an unpredictable adventure into the heartbeat of God. We’re not here to entertain you or just help you check the church attendance obligation off your weekly to-do list. Just connecting to a church service will not transform your life, but personally connecting to God will. We desire to use our weekly gatherings to catapult you back into daily life, personally pursuing God and His incredible and specific design for your future.   Our services will encourage, challenge & prepare you for real life. At Burson Church, you’ll find a place that accepts you for who you are, BUT challenges you to become ALL God created you to be.


2. What do I wear to attend your weekend service?

CLOTHES! Seriously, that should be the only requirement. Of course our attire should be modest, and honorable before God. But as for a “Dress Code”, …just come dressed. PLEASE!


3. What about my children?

Children are very welcome here at Burson Church. We offer Sunday School classes at 9:30am & Children’s Church during the Sunday morning worship service. This isn’t just a babysitting program, but a place to challenge your kids to explore and grow into the fullness of who God created them to be.


4. Are you affiliated with any denomination?

We are a Non-Denominational Full Gospel Church (with pastoral ties to the Assemblies of God).


5. What is your philosophy for ministry?

“Timeless Message & Timely Methods”; Theologically Conservative & Outreach Progressive. Which means; in one hand we hold firmly to the Word of God. The Bible is the basis for everything we do and believe in life and ministry. We believe the Bible is the standard for truth and every decision is made in light of it. So in that hand (The Principles of God’s Word) We are very conservative! Then in the other hand we have methods; in which we are more creative. For Example: The Bible says “Worship The Lord”, that is a Timeless Truth. The Method, well, we get to decide (contemporary, traditional, full band, no band, etc.)We feel that we should be accustomed to the culture God has sovereignty placed us, and be creative in reaching them (without compromising the standard of His Word). There are some things we are willing to die for, and others that we are more willing to, lets just say, suffer paper cuts for.


6. What About Signs & Wonders?

We believe signs & wonders will follow the Christian as they pursue the Creator of the wonders. We believe in God still preforms miracles today. Although, many have gotten unbalanced and become side tracked trying to find the signs & wonders and following them instead of Christ. We need to be discerning concerning this, and make sure everything is done Biblically and in decency and in order. We say, “Lets seek & pursue Christ and see what follows”!


7. What makes Burson Church different?

We hope you will find us to be a community of believers passionate about making Christ accessible to all humanity. Our desire is to do everything humanly possible to present the truth of God in a way that everyone can understand and connect with. When Jesus spoke to the crowds on the hillsides, he used stories and illustrations that spoke new life in terms familiar and easily understandable to all who heard. He was practical. He was accessible. We want to be, too. We also want to be a church that interacts with the community. It’s time for the people of God to re-awaken to the world around them, to become the authentic expression of the limitless love of Christ, to be broken for the things that break the heart of God. We just hope & pray that Burson Church be known for being the hands and feet of Christ in Calaveras County and beyond.

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